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6 Excellent Places to Add a Touch of Velvet

Recently, The Knot released an article with the top wedding decor trends for 2018 and I have to say I am pretty pumped to see these styles in upcoming weddings. There was one stand out trend for me-- VELVET. Being a child of the '90s I wore a lot of velvet in the fall and winter and I have a nostalgic love for it. I mean what's not to like? Its soft, warm, and oh so elegant. So here are 6 places you can add a touch of this regal fabric to your wedding.

#1: Stationery

Stationery is a great way to let your guests know as soon as they receive your invitation that this will be a regal and classy affair. I mean nothing says royalty quite like velvet right? One of the great things about this trend is it is very versatile. You can have a touch of velvet ribbon around your menu or invitation or go full on velvet like the guest book pictured above.

#2: Her Accessories

If you are bold enough to rock a colored velvet wedding dress like the one above then "you go girl!!!" and also can I coordinate your wedding? If that is too much for you try adding your pop of velvet with a shawl or a wrap. If you were thinking an even smaller detail try a velvet ribbon to accent your waist or wrap it around your bouquet. Don't forget you could also transfer any of these ideas to your bridesmaids as well.

#3 His Accessories

Velvet is an amazing way for your guy to express his unique style. Be it with velvet suspenders, bowties, handkerchiefs, or jackets they all add a very stylish touch to his wedding day garb. Keep in mind you can add any of these touches to the groomsmen's look too.

#4 Ceremony Arch

Arches are wonderful way to make your ceremony feel more grounded in the space. Not to mention that they make a beautiful backdrop for photos. Generally, couples choose lace or chiffon for the arch so your velvet will be extra memorable.

Taylor Tip: ask your coordinator to take the velvet down after the ceremony and drape it on your sweetheart or head table to get the most bang for your buck.

#5 Table Scapes

As mentioned above you can reuse the velvet from your ceremony arch to make a tablecloth for a head table or if you have smaller pieces you can use the fabric as a runner. Smaller touches could include a velvet ribbon around the flatware or a napkin. Basically you should just buy velvet ribbon in bulk before your wedding.

#6 Chairs

Bet you did not think that the chairs at your wedding could have this much personality did you? Borrowing velvet chairs or buying some (Taylor Tip: buy velvet chairs and use them later in your new house together to remember your special day) makes for amazing photo opportunities and it also can create cool lounge area for guest to sit and chat. If your budget doesn't allow for velvet chairs try adding a nice velvet pillow. There are even ways to add velvet to the chairs the venue already provides by adding a nice sash. You don't even have to put on every chair. You can do every other, just the wedding party, or just the sweetheart table's chairs.


Well, I hope you are now as throughly obsessed with velvet in weddings as I am. To pin these photos or learn more about who made them go to our Pinterst page.

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