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What Wedding Vendors Want Couples to Know: Photographer Edition

A wedding ring lays on a reflective surface with the words What Wedding Vendors Want Couples to Know written next to it.

Allow me to introduce this series entitled "What Wedding Vendors Want Couples to Know"! This series of videos and blog posts are intended to answer some of the most asked questions. As well as, give you an idea of the things that vendors in a certain category think would help you pick the best vendor partners for your wedding.

For this edition, I spoke with Jessy Herman owner of Jessy Herman Photo. She is a Buffalo based photographer that serves couples with a calm energy and a special attention to the real details that make your wedding truly your own.

Since we cover soooo much in this interview I have gone through and distilled some of the information in written form for your reference. Check it out below!

What We Talk About

Q: What information would you want to give to couples to help them be more savvy in their photographer selection process?

A: Generally, clients are initially drawn to a photographer based on a photo they have seen or a sampling of their work. Which is important because you want to like your wedding photos. From there making sure that you jive with your photographer on a personal level is imperative. Your photographer is going to be there with you throughout the whole day.

Q: How can couples help the family portraits portion of the day go more smoothly?

A: All the personalities and people together can make this hard but communication is important. Let people know who you want in the family photos so they can know what to expect. It is nice to have a list of who you want in each photo. You can give this to the photographer and the planner.

Q: What are some misconceptions about photography?

A: Sometimes people think we just show up and click a button. There is actually a lot of artistry that goes into using the tool. Having a professional helps to capture the moments that you can't recreate, like the first kiss. Additionally, there is a lot of post production to make sure that you look amazing in the photos that you get.

Q: How can couples ensure they have beautiful "getting ready photos"?

A: Natural lighting is key here. The beautiful photos that clients are thinking of here are candid but they are also thoughtfully planned as to where they are happening.

Q: What advice to you have for camera shy couples?

A: Most of my clients say in their inquiry message that they are not used to having professional photos taken and that they are not models. While of course you are not models that doesn't mean you can't have wonderful photos. You just have to show up and enjoy and love on each other. If couples are still nervous about this doing an engagement shoot might make them more at ease.

Q: How do you feel about "First Looks"?

A: I love a first look. Logistically, it really helps as far as timing. Especially, if you want to get to part of your cocktail hour. It is also such an added bonus to have this moment alone together which otherwise does not happen much during the wedding day. However, as a bride, I went the traditional route. So, I totally understand why couples would pick either.

Q: Thoughts on "unplugged ceremonies":

A: What an honor it is to be a guest at a wedding and if a couple wants you to be there and free of your technology you should honor that request. People are there because they love you and 9 out of 10 times people are respectful of your wishes.

Q: When should couples opt for a second shooter?

A: Three things can determine that. One, if you want getting ready photos and you are not getting ready in the same space you might need one. Second, if your guest count is large having a second shooter there helps to get more coverage of the event and your guests. Lastly, if thats what you want then totally go for it. It means you'll have more photos and perspectives.

Q: What is more important photographers portfolios or their reviews?

A: You usually start with looking at the work and making sure it resonates with you. Reviews and word of mouth referrals can help you decide between to photographers who are similarly priced and you vibed with both. Reviews might bring to light an honest depiction of what it was like working with people.

Q: What other information do you want to download on to couples?

A: Hire an event planner (I did not pay her to say that. If you want to follow this stellar advice though I won't stop you from hitting up my services page)! A lot of times couples will enlist a family member to play the role of a planner. While that is so nice of that family member it takes away from them being present in the day. Plus, you want someone who is going to experienced at doing weddings and is going to make things seamless.


I totally encourage you guys to check Jessy and her work out. She is an amazing photographer. We are so lucky to have her in our area!

I'd love to hear from you want vendor you want to hear from next. So visit my contact page and let me know who you'd like to hear from.

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