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Quarantine Anniversary Date Ideas

Welp, things are very different from your anniversary last year. So, that might have you at a loss on how to celebrate your anniversary with your sweetheart when you can't do the things you normally might do.

Typically, for me an anniversary would consist of a dinner at our favorite restaurant. I am a really big fan of Roost on Niagara Street. (If you haven't been there you need to go, when you can. Every time I eat there I remember how wonderful and delicious food can be.) Then we might exchange cards over desert and go to a different bar for an after-dinner drink.

Obviously, that can't be the plan this time around. So, I have complied some suggestions for things you can do in the comfort and safety of your own home.


Recreate Your First Date

Step 1: Set the Scene! Since you are having your date at home I highly encourage that you make your home feel special. Clear off the the dining room table. That's right! You are not eating in front of the couch tonight. Put a table cloth on and bust out some candles.

Step 2: Get dressed like you would if you were going out. If only so you don't forget how to get cleaned up haha. Seriously, the ritual of getting ready is important too! I don't know about you but it helps me get excited for the date I have planned.

Step 3: Order from where you would have gone to have dinner before COVID hit. Most restaurants have switched to have to go options. So, order from the fancy restaurant. It is a special occasion!

Step 4: Don't forget the drinks! Splurge for the extra fancy wine/champagne.

Channel Your Wedding Day Vibes

If this is your first wedding anniversary or your 12th you can still reminisce about the wonderful day were you committed to your honey!

Step 1: Play your first dance song and dance in the living room! This will be a wonderful moment that will take you back to that beautiful day I am sure. Plus, when was the last time you slow danced together?

Step 2: Look at your wedding album and/or watch your wedding video. Those things weren't meant to sit. What a better time to remember all the fun you had surrounded by your loved ones?

Step 3: Make a dinner together and eat on your fancy china from your wedding registry. If you still have your toasting glasses, pop the champagne and drink from those.

Step 4: CAKE!!! A lot of bakeries are offering complimentary anniversary wedding cakes with your wedding cake purchase so be sure to claim that if you have it. Otherwise, pull the cake out of your freezer and defrost it for your anniversary. Couples not celebrating their first wedding anniversary might still enjoy a treat from the bakery they used for their wedding. See if you can order cupcakes or another


Write Each Other Some Love Notes

This is the simplest but probably the sweetest way to celebrate your love. Not to mention it is interesting to have a written account of this weird period in time. Who knows your great great grandkids might read these letters about love in the time of COVID!

Order a Subscription Date Boxes

I looked into two different ones: Curated with Love and Date Night in a Box. Let me know if you guys want me to try these out or if you have tried them.

Scavenger Hunt

I was actually surprised how simple this is to do. I am definitely going to make one for our anniversary that leads to the gift that I got him. Just to drag the gift giving part out a little bit longer because it is the best part. Here is the one I am going to do but you can find more online or make your own.

Plan a Picnic

I know you are dying to get out of the house. So, if you can do it safely why not make it part of your date? Pack some snacks and a delicious drink and enjoy the outdoors together on a picnic.

Plan future Dates Together

It is so easy to think of all of the things that would make great dates right now. Probably because we can't do them! So, make a list of great date ideas for when quarantine passes. That way when you need an idea of what to do you will have a stock pile ready to go.


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