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Tips and Tricks for a Perfect Wedding Registry

A KitchenAid mixer. Done. Wedding registry nailed.

Seriously, that is all I want. I want to walk away while I am mixing things. I promise that is all I need in life.

Now, I know you are with me that the ideal wedding registry consists solely of a KitchenAid mixer but I guess I should walk through some of the other common suggestions for building a perfect registry. You know, if for some crazy reason you want more.


#1 Make Your Registry ASAP

It might feel odd to make your wedding registry so far in advance but keep in mind that people might pull things off of this list for pre-wedding activities. In other words, they might look to your wedding registry for ideas for your engagement party, bridal shower, or just a gift to congratulate you.

#2 Inventory What you Have

Especially if you have not moved in with your significant other now is a good time to look at what you have and what you will need. You don't want to end up with a thousand plates and no cups. Look at what you plan to keep and make note of colors and styles. This will help you make a cohesive look when you pick the new items to add to your wedding registry

#3 Ask for What you Actually Want

There is a lot a tradition surrounding wedding registries. You might feel like only certain things are acceptable to ask for on your wedding registry. However, times are changing! Feel free to ask for what you actually would like. Things like honeymoon funds or house down payments are quickly taking the place of traditional gifts.

Gifts from a wedding registry are in a pile. The gifts were put there by Elor Event Planning.

#4 Look for Perks!

Companies often offer perks for making a wedding registry with them. Completion programs allow you to buy the items that were not purchased for you from your registry at a discounted price.

#5 Be Strategic with your Store Selection

Pick 2-4 places to make a wedding registry. Think about doing one large national retailer that will be easy fro guests coast to coast. I also think it is great if you can make a registry with smaller local shops to support them!

#6 Make a "Hold Registry"

I am not sure whose brainchild this was but it is a winner. This is when the store will hold all of the items that people buy for you at the store. This is a GAME CHANGER if you are moving or living in a small apartment. This means you don't have piles of gifts and wedding decor taking over your living room. Hold registries also simplify returns. This way you don't have to take things from your house to the store. You are just able to swap them out right there if need be.

#7 Register for Things in a Range of Prices

Your guest will all have different price points that the are comfortable with spending. Having some bigger ticket items for people like grandparents is good. Additionally, some less expensive items might be better for your friends. Variety is key with wedding registries.

#8 Plan for Longevity

You might not be hosting a lot large family dinners right now but keep in mind that could be in your future. Asking for things that make hosting Thanksgiving dinner are helpful. Additionally, don't get stuck in thinking about the season you are in. Make sure you ad some items for your list that are good for fall and winter. Balance that with the fact that seasonal items might be out of stock by the time your actual wedding date comes around.

#9 Over-register

Register for more than you think you need. This gives guest a lot of options. You should check your wedding registry fairly often to make sure there are enough options. If you only check it once though make sure it is two weeks before the wedding. That is when most your guest will buy items.

#10 Cheat of Other People's Papers (AKA Registries)

Look at your friends wedding registries for ideas. This will also show you what items people like to buy.

#11 Check your Work!

Print out copies of your registries so you can cross compare when you make your registries for other stores. You are also going to want to be sure you get the quantities correct.

Well, that's the recipe for a perfect registry! Just mix it all together with your KitchenAid mixer!


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