Taylor Bookmiller, an experienced and driven event planner, hails from Buffalo, New York. Taylor graduated from the prestigious Mercyhurst University magna cum laude with a degree in Hospitality Management with a concentration in Event Planning and Spanish.  Taylor has always been an event planner, she even would plan elaborate birthday parties as young as 7 years old. When she’s not planning events, Taylor enjoys taking ballet classes and grabbing coffee with her friends and family. Taylor enjoys all aspects of wedding planning and looks forward to helping brides make their day as flawless and fabulous as possible.

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About Elor


An exciting new event planning company serving the tri-state area, Elor seeks to make your event custom and exceptional. With our combined skills in event planning and marketing, organization, and eye for details we help you to create events that last a lifetime in the memory of attendees.

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is All About You

Our Vision

To empower you to plan events that reflect you and your style while making you feel confident, at ease, and excited. We want you to feel like you’re planning with your best friend.

Our Mission

We want to provide a planning process as stress-free as possible so you don’t lose sight of the reasons you said yes.

Our Values

We don’t want the moment to end or begin with the event. We want the experience to begin with planning process and last way beyond the event. Planning should include self-care and focus on the reasons why your event is happening. We promise to make the process unexpectedly simple and enjoyable.