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Miss to Mrs Subscription Box | Elor Event Planning

Here at Elor Event Planning we will be the first ones to say that wedding planning can get a little bit crazy and stressful. However, we think it is important to make the process fun and enjoyable. Your wedding is a celebration of your love so planning it ought to be a celebration too!

To that end, I thought it might be fun to order a subscription box so you call can see if it is something you think would make your wedding planning process more fun. Well that, and I really wanted to get a subscription box!

A graphic with Elor Event Planning's signature gold color in the background. There is a photo of a Miss to Mrs subscription box to the left. On the right side is text that says Miss to Mrs Unboxing #1.

How to Join

Go to their website and click the subscribe button. It will then ask you when your wedding is. This is so they can make a suggestion on how to spread out your boxes over your engagement to optimize the fun! Don't worry if your wedding is soon or super far away. They have options for both scenarios. Then you will get to pick how many boxes you want and the frequency you want them.


The boxes are $35 each and shipping is $6.95 in the US and Canada. I compared the prices of three other popular bridal subscriptions boxes and this was the least expensive. You can opt to pay for all of them at once or in monthly installments. They claim that each box has $100 worth of full size products.

Overall Thoughts

I really enjoy opening my boxes and being surprised about what is in them. All of the things are themed and are very cute. I think this would make a really fun bridal shower gift for your friend or a perfect little "treat yo self" gift. Wait! How cute would it be your SO got this for you?? Adorable! Anyway, there are a lot of useful things in the box that you will probably need in your wedding process anyway like a little mirror for your purse, some hair accessories, and jewelry wipes. I love that there is a purpose for the items and they aren't just cute.

Dying to know what is inside?

I made some videos of me opening my boxes if you simply cannot wait. Check them out and let me know what you think!


Hey! Don't leave!

I think we should totally work together. Check out my services page to learn more about what I offer or get to know Elor a little bit better. Talk soon!

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