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5 Steps to Start Planning Your Tent Wedding

You don't want to be stuck inside for your wedding when there are like four months of good outdoor weather in Buffalo. Trust me, I get it! You're right a tent is definitely the way to get the most of the great outdoors but still have the necessary comforts to not make you and your guests feel like you are roughing it.

The thing about tents is that they are BLANK slates. Imagine your ideal tent wedding. It could go so many ways! It could be rustic and minimalist. It could be elegant and grand. Heck! Did you know you hang flower installations FROM THE CEILING!!!

Photo from Town & Country Magazine

Keep in mind though that if you don't plan for it the tent people will literally just drop off a tent. No fancy lighting. No Dance floor. Maybe not even tables and chairs. Have no fear though! These 5 steps will get you well on your way to the tent wedding of your dreams

Photo from McCarthy Tents

1. Reserve Your Tent Early

Firstly, go to see the location where you will be setting up they tent. Pay special attention to the size of the area, how much shade there is, and how level the ground is. After you have seen the space where you will set up the tent be sure to reserve your tent. You want to do fairly soon in the process. Think of it as you would a banquet hall. You want to have your venue reserved and nailed down early in the process. Reserving your tent and professional instillation of it will ensure you have a safe structure to plan your wedding under.

2. Size and Style of Tent

When you go to reserve your tent you will need to know what size tent you would like. On average, 18 square feet of tent per person for a seated dinner and dancing is sufficient. Include more space if you want a dedicated cocktail area or a lounge. Also, don't forget to take tent poles into account if you go that way.

Of course, there are many types of tents so you don't necessarily have to get a pole tent. You could get a frame tent, clear top tent, a sail cloth tent, an engineered structured tent, a double decker tent (if you are feeling boujee), or a evolution dome tent (if a more igloo style is your thing). There's surprisingly a lot of types of tents!

3. Know Your Venues Specifications

When you do your site visit you will want to ask questions that help you to know if the venue will allow the type of gathering you have in mind.

One such question to ask is if you are able to have the tent set up ahead of time. The advantage of this is that if it rains the tent will shield the ground from getting wet and causing mud.

You'll also want to know if there is a place for your caterer to set up. Some venues might have a nearby kitchen they can use. Otherwise, you will want to check with your caterer to make sure the venue has the specifications they need to cater your wedding. Often, if caterers are unfamiliar with a venue they'll be happy to do a site walk through with you to make certain everything is covered.

Take note of how far away parking and bathrooms are from the tent. You will also want to see if the walkways are lit. Your guests will be walking to these locations at night in heels so you'll want the path to be well lit and not too far. If these necessary things are far away or some of your guests have mobility issues you might consider renting a golf cart to transport people.

Make sure you are aware of any noise ordinances that the venue is subject too.

Lastly, talk with your venue about how to supply power to the tent. If they do not have a way to do that you will need to rent generators.

Photo By Wyse Choice Photography

4. Think About the Weather You Might Encounter

If you think the weather might be uncomfortable (either warm or cold) you should consider getting sides for your tents. Coupled with either heaters or air conditioning this will allow you to make your tent a comfortable temperature independent of the conditions outside.

Note that even if it is hospitable during the day when the sun goes down it might get colder. Also, you might not have to go all the way to air conditioning. In some cases fans will suffice to cool things down.

5. Know What Additional Items You Will Need To Rent

Most venues in Buffalo include tables, chairs, linens, and table settings. So you might forget that these details are not always a given when it comes to tents. If you are working with a venue be sure to ask them if they include these things. If not, you will want to have your tent supplier build these things into the quote.

There can be a lot of details when it comes to tent weddings but the good thing is you have a lot more control over the design esthetics of a tent wedding. So look at it as your blank canvas and take it one step at a time!


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