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Lisa & Eric's Wedding

Talk about elegance! Lisa & Eric's wedding was absolutely the most timelessly gorgeous wedding I have ever coordinated. These two have such a cool style that they brought into their wedding and I absolutely adored it. They also thought of every little detail for their wedding. They had so many surprises and sweet touches throughout that day that made it uniquely their own. For example, this is a picture of the classic car Lisa surprised Eric with on their wedding day. I mean how thoughtful?! I can not wait to show you these photos.

The whole evening was centered around an elegant roaring twenties theme. Which shinned through in every detail including Lisa's wedding dress and accessory choices.

I do have to say, while everything she wore the day of her wedding was so beautiful, I think I loved her dress the best. She just looked amazing and that shoulder detail was to die for. She actually told me that her seamstress took a couple of the strands off and was able to fashion them into a bracelet for her. I fell in love with that idea. I am pretty sure I yelled at her (with glee) "NOW YOU CAN WEAR YOUR WEDDING DRESS EVERYDAY!!!!" I am just so in love with the idea.

...but that's enough about my obsession with her dress. Look at the other amazing details of the bridal attire.

Eric kept up with this crazy fashionable lady. Just look at this shot of him all ready to walk down the isle (or pose for the cover of a fashion magazine).

The beautiful outdoor ceremony was held at the edge of a property close to the lake. Together Lisa and Eric stood under the arbor and proclaimed their love for one another and I think the heavens were so happy they cried a little...but hey a little rain on the wedding day is good luck right?

Luckily, the ceremony was almost done and no one got too wet. Everyone then went inside the mansion for cocktail hour, introductions, and dinner. The rain even cleared up later in the evening so Lisa & Eric could get some outdoor photos.

Now I have to call your attention to their centerpieces because they are another one of those tiny and incredibly cute details I mentioned before. Do you see the small bottles with the single stems in them? There were three for every table and each one was different. Lisa & Eric enjoy estate sale shopping so together they shopped for and collected all of the different bottles. At the end of the night guests were encouraged to take one if they wanted. It was just such a simple and brilliant idea on their part. They got to do something they enjoy together and also were kind to the earth in finding a new home for the vases.

All of their decor came together and looked so elegant. They really mastered the art of adding a few meaningful touches that had a big impact on the space. I think that is so apparent in these photos.

Lisa & Eric it was wonderful working with you. I enjoyed all the passion you two put into planning your day. I wish you lots of love and happiness!



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