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Christine & Andrew's Wedding

"You want to have your wedding when?!" I should have known that these two wouldn't wait long to tie the knot, after they got engaged, but I didn't think they would have that fast a turnaround. THREE MONTHS for a backyard wedding? Weddings not in traditional venues can be more to tackle when planning because generally you have to bring in a lot more supplies (tents, chairs, decor, bathrooms, etc.). These two really wanted to sharpen my planning my skills! In the end though everything came together beautifully and better than imagined.

Aerial of Husband & Wife

I've known Christine for some time now. We take adult ballet classes together. She's a fun loving and easy going girl. I was so pumped to help her plan and get to know her fiancé Andy better. These two are killer together! Such an amazing balance to one another. Christine dances to the beat of her own drum and Andy is so great at encouraging her to reach her full potential. Andy is also an amazing planner in his own right. He was so organized and great at following through. Together these two made the fast planning process go smoothly.

Christine and I dance together with an awesome girl group that call ourselves the pointer sisters. Now I know you are wondering why I bring this up. Well, somehow two of our friends from the pointer sisters decided that they wanted to be the flower girl and the ring bearer. I already told you Christine and Andy aren't afraid to embrace the unusual, so along with their pups, two full grown adults played the roles of flower girl and ring bearer...AND IT WAS FABULOUS.

Since we are talking about fabulous, check out some of the gorgeous details of their October outdoor wedding. Christine & Andrew wanted to pull the gorgeous colors of the fall foliage into the wedding and it added a warmth that was stunning. Combined with the lace and the burlap the whole event had rustic elegance that made for a wonderful celebration of love.

The fashion statements at this wedding were just as beautiful as the decor. The crown, the broach bouquet, and the rings were all rose gold and STUNNING. The rustic elegance popped up again on the wrapping of the bouquets and the boutonnieres. Not to mention the fur wraps which were such a sweet way to keep the girls warm.

After the sweet and simple ceremony it was time for this fun loving couple to celebrate the love! After their introductions they were serenaded by their close friend and lead singer of their favorite local band- Hit N Run. After dinner and cutting the cake everyone enjoyed a huge bonfire, hay rides, and lovely night of dancing.

All said and done it was a wonderful day and night. I was so honored to be able to help these two love birds pull off a wedding that was reflective of them as a couple.

Wishing you love and happiness for all the years to come!



First Dance Music: Mark Valentino of Hit N Run

Cake/Baker: Kith+Kin

Cupcakes: Family Friend

Her Rings: 999 Jewellery Design

His Ring: Modern Gents

Accessories: Bling

Venue: Family Friend's Property

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