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A GIF Guide to Why You Should Get a Wedding Planner

Let me preface all this by saying I am biased and I know it. I personally feel that wedding planners are an invaluable resource to have backing you up on your big day, but allow me to prove it in the best (and most fun) way I know... THROUGH GIFs



Now you may be thinking I can not possibly afford a planner because of my budget but in reality that is the most important reason to hire a planner. They have an intimate knowledge of what things cost in your area and have savvy ways to get the most bang for your buck. For example, have you thought about using your bridesmaids' bouquets as centerpieces or what about a fake cake and (cheaper) sheet cakes for the guests? Yeah, there's more where that came from. A planner can help you create and stick to a budget which will dramatically lower your stress level.

#2: Selecting Vendors

Planners often times have worked with many vendors in the area and are familiar with their work. Meaning, they have seen what these vendors do at events not just what they turn out at bridal shows and post on their social media. Often they only show their most expensive work on those avenues (rightfully so, they have to sell their product). That's not the only benefit, planners have seen many contracts in their day so they can help ensure your contract reflects your expectations. Some planners even have referral relationships with vendors meaning they can get you discounted pricing on services!

#3: Family or Friends Are Not an Equal Subsitute

Your family and friends are amazing and super sweet for offering to help you but they can not always do everything a planner does. For example, most of the time your family and friends have a full time job and simply do not have the time to devote to your wedding. This will then in turn put more stress on you because you'll be asking yourself "have I asked them to do too much?"and "Will they finish it on time?"Likewise, for coordinating the day of the wedding family and friends can get wrapped up in your fabulous cocktail hour, your amazing signature drinks, and open bar and lose track of their duties. They can also be distracted by all the people they want to say hello to and spend time with. Plus, don't you want them to be able to enjoy your wedding and not have to focus on being the point person for all the vendors?

#4: A Buffer for Family Dynamics

As planners we are fully versed in "this person can not sit near that one" and "aunt so-and-so doesn't like this aunt". We get it; families can be difficult. Planners are great at being a buffer for these issues. We are experts at saying "Would you mind coming with me? The bride needs you." to get your temperamental cousin away from their mom. Additionally, planners can be a great unbiased person to complain to if someone is totally cramping your style.

#5: Narrowing Down your Vision

This one is a shout out to the indecisive bride! Or even if you are just a little all over the place. Planners can help you develop your style and vision for the evening so you don't get lost in the sea of pretty things on Pinterest.

#6: A Venue Planner Often Does not Replace a Wedding Planner

Now this is not a hard and fast rule. You need to ask your venue exactly what you can expect from their planner. Like, will they help with decor? Are they able to address vendor questions? Can they line up the bridal party for introductions? If you decide that the venue planner will be able to handle all your most pressing concerns then make sure you take into account that their main priorities are managing their staff and preventing damage to the building.

GIFs not your thing? Watch the video version of this post to get the same information.

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